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Life can get pretty stressful at times, or for the majority, almost all the time— whatever the case may be, I have my tips to share with you that will hopefully help.

  • I always say, face your problem head-on and push through the tough situation; do not ignore the issue and “save it for another time”. It’s better to deal with any dilemma you may be having in the present and move on. Another tip that goes hand-in-hand with this is to always finish your tasks as soon as possible beforehand. Pack your bags before going to sleep, complete assignments well before the due date, receive your full fit the day before an important event or job.
  • The next piece of advice I have is to stop trying to do everything so perfectly. I’m an obnoxious perfectionist and it’s probably my worst trait. It holds me back from accomplishing tasks and being as effective as I could be; it’s something I’ve gotten better at, but to this day still need to work on. I understand it’s much easier said than actually done but I strongly feel it’s crucial to acknowledge this for your own benefit.
  • The first step to dealing with stress is to know what works for you; a useful app I’ve been using lately is Simple Habit. The meditation + relaxation exercises on the app work for anyone, whether you are: busy with work and school, currently pregnant, in need of a quick study break, or wanting to become happier. I find that the meditation sessions work best with headphones. There are so many sections to choose from, for whatever your current situation and goals may be, i.e. Work & Productivity, Relationships + Family, Personal Growth. My favorite categories are Body & Mind and Sleep Better since the sessions provide guidance for the aspects I’d like to work on in my life. Personal Growth includes sessions that can help you overcome insecurity + find acceptance in order to live a confident, self-assured life. I have a difficult time sleeping at night for various reasons so I listen to the sessions, Calm Anxiety and Can’t Sleep as they’re the most beneficial to me. If you have more time in the morning than in the afternoon or evening, I highly recommend Good Morning to start your day in the right spirit; I find that life is most rewarding when you show gratitude and count your blessings. I love Recharge Before Class and Before an Exam because we all know how stressful school work can get almost 100% of the time during the year. There are specific sittings created for when you get home or are about to take a nap. These sessions go long ways when you just dedicate 5 minutes out of each day. You can listen depending on how much time you have and would like to spend, whether that be 5, 10, or 20 minutes. The app can also set up daily reminders to help you stay on track even with your busy schedule.

These were just a few of my key tips for preventing stress and dealing with rough days or situations in life. Hopefully you can take something away from this post!

You can download 'Simple Habit' in the App Store or through this link:

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