Lately: New Beauty Products

I’m always searching for new products to try all the time and have recently discovered several cool brands & items.

Maybelline came out with a line of metallics which includes liquid eyeliners & lipsticks! All the individual shades are useful when creating different looks, especially for special events and shoots. The metallic highlighter definitely creates a blinding, reflective finish. It’s on my list of top highlighters, for sure.

I don’t have a set “skincare routine” as it seems to change quite frequently since I always find new products. I just often use moisturizers here and there, along with amazing skin mists/toners which I’ve shared in the past. Once I establish and stick with a routine that works well for me, I will share that! I luckily haven’t struggled with acne but would get a bright random pimple in the middle of my face every month (or two). Well, I haven’t since I’ve consistently been using these Origins Face Masks (rose clay, charcoal, mega-mushroom) and have had nothing but super hydrating skin. I really recommend trying these masks out, pretty much more than anything- your skin will literally be slippery when you wash it off-until the next day. I’ve noticed that my pores haven’t been clogged and there hasn’t been any visible blackheads, either. These masks are best when applied once or twice (at most) a week.

My nail polish loves this season have been these luxe Twila True Beauty shimmers which are stunning! The shades featured in this image are: Buckle Up, Buttercup!, Risk Taker, My 401K is Bigger Than Yours, In The Still-Letto of the Night (being my absolute favorite), and the essential top + base coat. The quality of the nail polish (including formula & packaging) shows that the brand goes above and beyond to create incredible products! In addition to thw nail lacquers, there are also incredible body & spa products TTB has to offer. When purchasing anything on the site, Kate30TTB will give you 30% off and free shipping.

Thank you so much Maybelline, Origins, and Twila True Beauty for sending these products out to me!

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