Sunshine & Sickys World

I’ve been enjoying the last bit of autumn’s sunshine these past few weeks before the winter season rolls around. My go-to location in New York City is Central Park; I love to spend time in the park just to pause and take a break as it helps to forget that you are in a crowded city. Central Park is a definite must for those both visiting and residing in the city. I adore Central Park’s scenery during the autumn season because of all the warm-toned leaves. The majority of my outfits lately consist of oversized jackets & shirts, tights, boots, and of course, sunglasses. My favorite fashion item is a good pair of sunglasses and if you know me, you know that I wear sunglasses in the rain, the dark, and even indoors. I recently discovered the best pair of sunnies I’ve ever owned by SICKY Eyewear. Each pair is handmade in Japan, created with delicate, stunning details; every part starting from the polarized lenses to the SICKY logo makes them so high-quality. I ultimately admire Sickys for the superb quality + delicacy put into each of their eyewear products. The eyewear available at Sickys are very worth the purchase and there are so many frames, colors, styles, and sizes to choose from.

Sunglasses: S8 // Amber Tortoise
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