Talent Jungle Makeup Workshop

This past Saturday, I attended a makeup workshop hosted by Talent Jungle and taught by makeup artist, Rudy Miles. The workshop was one incredible makeup party- I learned so much more about makeup and I now know all these amazing new techniques! I realized the importance of moisturizing and priming your face before doing anything else (it’s such a key step!). One tip is to apply your highlight shade near the front of your eyelid, and to bring that all the way up to your brow bone in a single sweep. I learned how to apply certain shades of eyeshadow in specific areas, as well as how to put foundation on in a way that gives the brightest + most luminous glow to your skin. Over the course of two hours, we went through the crucial steps in a beauty routine that worked for each of us. My goal for this workshop was to improve my skills for when I apply face makeup and Rudy taught me just how; he even demonstrated the baking method on me. Most of all, I loved how Rudy showed us essential makeup tips without needing one specific person to demonstrate since it helped us all try it for ourselves.

Rudy and the team at Talent Jungle are wonderful and I’m appreciative of this opportunity. I recommend the beneficial workshops available over at Talent Jungle! To sign up for future makeup workshops, go to talentjungle.com and use my special coupon code: Katedyl for $20 off. I hope to attend other fun workshops soon, so see you there!